2008 24″ iMac hard drive and RAM upgrade

I recently retired my Windows XP machine to the workshop and replaced it with a 2008 24″ iMac desktop computer. The last time I owned a Mac was in 2005 so it took a few weeks to get back up to speed. OSX is a much more stable OS than anything that ever came from Microsoft (IMO). It’s been working out great so far and soon I’ll be using Final Cut Pro X to produce my Hack A Week videos.

This machine came with a 250GB hard drive which is hardly enough capacity to be using for saving video files. So I decided to upgrade the drive with a 3TB drive that I already had in hand. Guess what? The largest HD you can install in an early 2008 24″ iMac is 2TB. So after a trip to Best Buy I had a 2TB drive and installed it.

…and now, my adventures with this project.

Thanks for watching, happy new year, and…

keep on hackin!

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