2007 Yamaha Virago Carburetor Repair

Well here we are back to the weekly projects! The down time was a good opportunity to regroup and dream up new projects ideas for the coming year.

My girlfriend Lisa has a 2007 Yamaha Virago that had a problem with its initial warm up. It just would NOT take throttle unless it sat and idled for about 20 minutes, and then it would still hesitate. It eventually just refused to start so I decided to take the carb apart and see what was going on. This was also an opportunity to shoot a how-to video. Follow along now as we get into the heart of this machine and find out why it wouldn’t run and set it straight!

Keep on hackin!

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  1. aquaman8 says:

    Strange marks on bottom of carb: Possible cause? Trying to get the needle valve to seat and stop overflowing

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