2002 BMW K1200RS Final drive bearing replacement- part 2

I received all the parts this week and in this video they get installed. I used a couple of tricks involving cooling down the crown gear assembly and heating the bearings in the oven. Cooling the crown gear makes it contract and heating the bearing makes it expand. This allows easy drop on installation of the bearings without the need of a bearing press.

The bike drives nice and smooth now and I saved a lot of money that would have gone towards labor at a dealer or shop. Total cost on the parts was $188 shipped!

Here’s the BMW part numbers for the final drive bearings and seals for the BMW K1200RS:

Qty Description Product# Price EA
1 O-ring . 171,1X2,62 33111241257 $7.12
1 TAPERED ROLLER BEARING . 25X52X16, 233121451188 $43.76
1 Shaft seal . 85X110X10 33127663482 $32.52
1 GROOVED BALL BEARING . 85X120X18 33121242211 $90.79

I bought the parts from Pandora’s European Motorsports in Chatanooga, TN

Enjoy the video and…
keep on hackin!

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