Project Honda Sabre Cafe Part 6

I made good progress this week. I have the foam cores for the tank and seat finished. I really like the look.

Right now the bike is really torn down. I have both wheels off so I can mount up some new tires and I have the carbs off AGAIN to install new needle valves. One of them was sticking and causing fuel to over flow into the cylinder. Of course this is NOT a good situation as it floods that cylinder and also presents a fire hazard.
As you can see the forks have been removed. They need new dust seals installed. I think the main seals are OK so for now I’m leaving them as is.

The next task is to lay up the fiberglass on the seat and tank. I think I’ll use epoxy resin for this for a couple of reasons. First, polyester resin will eat into the foam so I’d have to coat it with epoxy anyway before layup. Second, I’ve been reading some bad things about polyester gas tanks and methanol fuel additive. It seems that it can cause some weakness in the polyester resin which can lead to tank failure and a possible leak. No thanks. I don’t want all this work ruined by methanol in the fuel. That stuff is just a pain in the ass! It causes all sorts of problems.

Till next time…
keep on hackin!

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